The story behind

Xegit GmbH

eXperiencing Green Intelligent Information Innovation Technologies

is a Germany-headquartered provider of IT consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. With IT professionals on its team and a portfolio of business transformation products and solutions, XEGIT helps companies and individuals evolve their digital capabilities consistently and seamlessly from creation and development to execution. We have a track record of adding efficiency and value to the companies we work with and building lasting partnerships with our clients throughout the process. The group is at the forefront of innovation to meet all customer expectations in this world of digital transformation.


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Our Work Culture

We combine human ingenuity with intelligent technology to benefit the society and shape responsible business.

Our Values

- Quality Service
- Customer Satisfaction
- Continuous Innovation

Our Mission

Improve quality of life through dedication and commitment to excellent service, customer delight and consistent value creation.

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner to our customers, delivering high quality and efficient business outcomes through smart and meaningful solutions.

Our advantage

Our strengths are speed, flexibility and people. The will to execute is our edge.

Our Team

Behind every service that XEGIT delivers, there is a diverse jound dynamic team of highly talented individuals.

Fabrice Fanguing

SOA & BigData Engineer (Founder & CEO)

Yane Yamkwe

IT Architect (Lead IT Technical Consulting)

Larissa Zita

Outsourcing Manager

With us you can be sure
your business needs are in safe hands.

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We are a company of diverse and talented individuals with a singular customer focus.