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"We help you apply the Easy Method in your own business by pivoting towards an IT-friendly approach with a focus on green intelligent information technologies such as cloud, platforms, ecosystem partners, business intelligence and collaboration. "

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The pace of change in the digital age is challenging traditional business methods and disrupting the relevance of entire industries.

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XEGIT GmbH proposes assessment, design, configuration and implementation services that provide advanced, reliable and efficient IT environments and expert software solutions designed for solving your most challenging business problems.

IT Consulting

Custom Software


Software test and quality insurance

Big Data & Business Analytics

Applications Services

An integration server allows a company to combine packaged applications, custom software and legacy software for use on internal and external networks. Tibco’s patented approach is called Information Bus (TIB) and Tibco claims it has been used in financial services, telecommunications, e-commerce, transportation, manufacturing and energy.

Talend provides integration solutions that truly adapt to any type of integrative challenge, any volume of data and any project scope, whether simple or complex. Only Talend’s highly scalable data, application and business process integration platform enables organizations to effectively leverage all their information assets. Ready for Big Data environments, Talend’s flexible architecture easily adapts to future IT platforms.

The Java EE platform provides services that simplify the most common challenges faced by developers when building modern applications, often through APIs, making it easier to use popular design models and industry-accepted best practices. Using the Java Persistence API (JPA), it is easy to match the data used in a program to the information stored in the tables and rows of a database.

Our Main solutions

Webportal solutions

A rise in the use of web portals, particularly for the creation of self-service access for customers. Essential information, from high-value financial transactions to customer order status and shipping dates, account balances and billing information, is now accessible from any web browser.

AI Solutions

New opportunities exist for the adoption of AI in all areas of our business, increasing customer expectations and competition. Based on challenging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analysis, deep learning, convolutional neural networks, etc., we develop powerful AI solutions for medium and large companies.

Big Data Analytics

The Big Data Analytics Solutions system is a solution based on modern management and analysis tools, which enables organisations to generate the movements and data processing required to feed and execute the automated analysis cycle. By implementing Big Data Analytics, companies often realize a number of business benefits, including more effective marketing campaigns, discovery of new revenue opportunities, improved customer service delivery, more efficient operations and competitive advantage.

IOT Solutions

To keep pace with the rapid development of new IoT devices, companies are taking advantage of IoT solutions that offer real-time and rich operating systems, low-power devices, and embedded security features. IoT solutions can include, more specifically, IoT technology solutions, IoT device management solutions, and IoT security solutions.

Blockchain Solutions

Some blocks in the chain store data on monetary transactions. But it turns out that this chain of blocks is actually a fairly reliable way of storing data on other types of transactions as well. In fact, block chain technology can be used to store data on exchanges of goods, stops in a supply chain and even votes for a candidate.

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